Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Most recently Restroom Reckoning is a piece that I had created to explore contradiction through using a very vibrantly woven cloth woven in a true towel structure against the drab, dirty metal towel dispenser. Again hope was also another factor in this piece; the rainbow signifies hope after a storm. I had been through many challenges this past year and made it to the other side, finding hope.
Remnant was created this year shortly after my fourth child was born. It is comprised of all odds and ends I could gather from my studio. I was attempting to make something lush out of cast- off materials, proving that something beautiful can be created out of chaos.
The series Circle of Life I & II began last summer, 2011. In these pieces I took a traditional type of weaving, and explored with fiber and color. These straps are used by the Navajo in the birthing process for support and also used after the birth to help the mother gain back her body. My hope was to weave one for each of my pregnancies, I had seven.
memory was created in remembrance of my aunt whom passed of brain cancer, my grandmother at the age of 90 dying of an unexpected heart attack, and my uncle whom committed suicide all in the same year. I revisited the fading effect used in 1,100 Prayers in Memory. The recent deaths of my grandmother, aunt, and uncle and recent birth of my son lead me to give mortality significant thought. One aspect of the weaving process is how meditative it can be through the repetition of warping, threading the loom, and weaving. It allows much time for reflection
after a most chaotic summer i applied for the mary nohl fellowship grant. this is one of the pieces i entered. i had not planned to apply feeling i was most unprepared. i however decided to apply. we will know the results late october.
the yardage i am creating for my newest piece. Mrs.What-are-you-worth? twelve Mrs.Butterworth bottles will wear aprons made of this yardage and badges will be embroidered with housewifery things-laundry, cleaning, nursing, pregnancy.