Friday, May 27, 2011

my recent creation for commission was a rug designed after a swedish pattern, the colors were changed and the borders slightly different. i had to increase the rug from around 24 inches to 30 inches but the pattern didn't allow it, so the weaving increased to around 39 inches. also the original rug commission was to be 30 inches by 60 inches. upon weaving the repeats only allowed the rug to finish around 52 inches. this is the problem with handmade items, and fiber work in general. sometimes the material has a mind of its own. the end result was a beautifully woven piece that laid flat and was perfect in repeats. however the size was an issue for the recipients.
after much discussion over what could be done, they decided that they could not part with the piece even if it was not the dimensions they originally ordered. they decided to make the piece a wall hanging. i was actually happier with the decision, better to adorn the wall than an entranceway. However, this brought me to an interesting situation to consider and have a plan for in the future. if my customers are not happy with the size or color is it better to ask to return the item to me and then weave something more suitable to their liking? and the answer i have come up with YES. customers can be the one and only marketer for the item i created, if they have only good things to say i would be more likely to get more commissions. now i worry that when speaking about this rug to visitors to their home the owners just might say,"it was supposed to be a rug but..." and that concerns me. i am proud of this rug, it was by far my most challenging to this point given the unforgiving form of hand weaving.

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